Why you need to get rid of fire ants?

Fire Ants Brisbane

If you have encountered fire ants, it means you have dozens of fire ants moving on your body quickly. It is difficult to detect the fire ants on your body until you have been stung by them. Response Pest Control are licensed pest managed who can provide you with solutions and expert advice to remove such pests by removing them from your garden. Fire ants are known as a true threat due to their sting. If you want to know why you should get rid of fire ants, we have described some effects of fire ants to make this point of you clear.

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Effects of fire ants

Fire ants are not a native species and are considered as pests and have enough potential to cause social and environmental damage.

Environmental effects

Fire ants are known as an aggressive type of feeders; they can sting other pests reside near to them. They can affect spiders, lizards, birds, and frogs, etc. As a result, the population of other pests near them can be displaced or eliminated. At early steps of the eradication of bushland, fire ants can infest that too. Vegetations communities in the natural area can also be destructed by fire ants. They have the worst habit to eat the seeds. This habit of fire ants can lead to the lower production, which can decrease the ratio of the availability of different seeds. This can affect the ecosystem with time. Fire ants can disturb the pests that are important for the pollination process, that can also affect the vegetation of fire ant-infested area.  

Social effects

Encounter with fire ants can be the worst thing that can ever happen to you. It is because, whenever you are being encountered by the ants, you will get dozens of fire ants at your body at once. As fire ants can stay undetected on your body until they sting you. The sting of fire ants is painful; it can cause itching, rash and burning effect on your skin. These painful reactions of fire ant sting can last more than an hour.

Besides these personal effects, fire ants can affect our outdoor lifestyle too. If you got fire ant verminous area in your lawn, you would not be able to have a picnic there anymore. You can get ant sting while performing gardening activities in your lawn.

Fire ants can stay in one place for a long period. And it can harm other pests and domestic animals too. They can be injured them by their sting. As a result, they may get allergic reactions.

What to do if you see fire ants?

After knowing the above dangerous effect of fire ants, you surely want to know about What to do if you see fire ants. We have some tips for you that can help you to kill fire ants and their nests.

1.    Contact your local Pest Control Company to remove them, Ensure they are licensed to treat fire ants with Current permits registered through Bio-Security QLD. 

2.    Do not touch and move soil deposits of located nests.

3.    You can contact 13 25 23 to report any suspicious ant activity.

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Many people do not realize that their houses or workplaces are being attacked by termites until it’s their property slowly falls apart. Termites love the warm and humid weather of Brisbane, so your property can fall prey on these pests without regular inspection and termite management.

Response Pest Control | Brisbane | Termite Inspections | Termite Barriers | Pest Control | End of Lease | Natural Pest Control
Response Pest Control | Brisbane | Termite Inspections | Termite Barriers | Pest Control | End of Lease | Natural Pest Control

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Response Pest Control | Brisbane | Termite Inspections | Termite Barriers | Pest Control | End of Lease | Natural Pest Control






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