Airbnb Bed Bugs Removal

Most Airbnb home owners may face a bed bug problem once in a while. So you’re thinking How to get rid of bed bugs? This is the most arising question for homeowners in this kind of situation. They can feel embarrassed due to bed bugs being seen in front of their guests and as a hoss you don’t want this to affect your credibility as an Airbnb hostess. If you are living in the house, then it will be a better option for you to contact a pest controller and tell them about the situation. These insects aren’t easy to remove you can go by the method of using home hardware pesticides with chemicals that are completely resistant to the insect or contact a local pest control company which will provide you the right advise and method for removal. It is better to try to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible before a full infestation occurs. Bedbug’s extraction is not an easy thing to deal with. Sometimes, when you feel that you have extracted all the bed bugs completely, they may come back. It is because some treatments that you have applied may not be able to kill the eggs and larva of bed bugs. Also, bed bugs can live alive for a long time without having a blood meal, so they may continue to hide in cracks and crevices therefore return when you may not expect the presence of them. 

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Airbnb Bed Bugs Removal

Ways to get rid of bed bugs

You can use following easiest methods to get rid of bed bugs for a long period.

  1. Use steam treatment
  2. Clean your home to disinfect it
  3. Vacuum
  4. Cover cracks

Use steam treatment

Steam treatment is the most effective way to kill the bed bugs and their eggs at 80 Celsius you can use the dry stream directly on the bed bugs to scrap the household allergens. This is the best “Do It Yourself” (DIY) treatment that you can apply in getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

Clean your home to disinfect it

Presence of bed bugs is not only because of dirty home. You can find the bed bugs at cleanest places too. So, it is important to use some treatments to disinfect your house while cleaning. De-cluttering the home is necessary, because of this, pests will not get enough space to hide.


If you have rugs and carpets in your house, you should vacuum them on a regular basis. Try to vacuum the frame of your bed, couch and other furniture items regularly. Use the brush tool of the vacuum for furniture. If you have bag based-vacuum in your house, make sure to throw the trash bags outdoor. If you are having a vacuum of filter-based, wash the filters after use in hot water.

Cover cracks

Mostly bed bugs hide in the cracks during the day and come out for feeding at night. So, during day time you can use taps or calks to cover the cracks. This can minimize the spaces for the bed bugs to hide.

If you are suffering from the severe bed bugs issue, then it is recommended to call any professional bed bugs extractor near you. You can contact available pest management companies to handle such treatments.  

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Airbnb Bed Bugs Removal

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Response Pest Control | Brisbane | Termite Inspections | Termite Barriers | Pest Control | End of Lease | Natural Pest Control
Response Pest Control | Brisbane | Termite Inspections | Termite Barriers | Pest Control | End of Lease | Natural Pest Control

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