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Are Termites Really dangerous?
Termites are extremely dangerous! Over 34,000 homes each year are attacked by termites with an average damage cost of approximately $10,000.00. Contact Response Pest Control to ensure your home or business is safeguarded.
What do you do if it's raining?
Our pest exterminators will make a decision on the spot whether we can effectively carry out pest management or not. If it is raining, we'll advise you and reschedule your treatment for a better day.
How often should i get a Response Pest Control technician to treat my home?
For general pest control services, we recommend treatment at least once a year for optimal protection and safety for your property.
Do i need to move furniture or empty my cupboards?
No, our pest treatment equipment and knowledge allow us to safely and effectively work around everything in your home or business. In sensitive areas such as kitchen cupboards, we use a discreet gel to prevent cross-contamination.
Do you provide warranty on your services?
Yes! All of our services come with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one concern at Response. If at any time you notice pest activity after our visit - contact us immediately and we'll organize re-treatment.
Are your chemicals safe for homes with pets?
Yes! Our technicians conduct a site assessment prior to treatment to understand the environment, wildlife, and dangers to household pests. We will always share with you all risks, as well as advise you appropriately going forward.
Can my children be around your chemicals?
Yes, our local exterminators employ pest control chemicals that are low in toxicity to humans and are sprayed in a method that minimizes overspray. For food safety, we utilize a gel rather than a spray in kitchen cabinets. We only utilize substances that have been created by us or our trusted partners.
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