How to Get Rid of Mice Permanently?

If you are looking for an answer to the question how to get rid of mice, the answer is removing them immediately. An immediate action is a must before it gets many. This is the most important step to get rid of them because mice can be very quick in getting a place to reside in your house and can immediately start ovulating offspring. The most crucial time is that  if they succeeded in getting a source of food and shelter, they would not leave that place for they feel safe and never felt bothered. The tendency is that they would never leave that place, stays there for good, and worst part is they keep on destroying your house’s things/ place.

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4 Ways on How to Get Rid of Mice Permanently?

Ways to get rid of mice permanently

Following are some ways to get rid of mice permanently:

1.    Seal entry points of mice

2.    Use a rat poison

3.    Use rat traps

4.    Get some bait stations

Seal entry points of mice

To restrict mouse out of your house, it is better to seal the entry points of mice. Rodents proofing is a better way to stop mice from expanding or occurring again in your house. You can protect your house easily from mice by covering every crack point away from a mouse that could enter your house. It will not allow a mouse to get access to your house easily. You have to be very careful while closing the openings because of the ability of the mouse to squeeze itself upon entering from a half inch hole.

It is popular that if you have a hole shaped like a pencil, it is the same as the circumference wherein mouse can enter. To get rid of the mice’s openings, you have to seal the cracks of your floor, walls and utility pipes. Steeling wool and caulking can work there in a better way. Do not use rubber or plastic as sealing material. It is because they can’t work better from stopping the mouse upon entering the house.  

Use a rat poison

You can get rat poison easily from the stores. Get the rat poison of a trusted brand to get rid of mouse easily. Put the poison on any edible and put that near the place where the mouse is residing. This can help you to get rid of the mouse easily. Take note that be mindful of where will you put it because those are also harmful, especially for kids. Keep out from children for protection.

 Use rat traps

The best and most used thing to get rid of mice is rat traps. It is the eldest but effective way to extract the mouse from your house. Many classic wooden traps are available in the market that can decrease the mouse population of your house. It is not rare to use dozens of rat traps to catch one mouse. Just be careful of using it and make sure that rats need to be segregated properly after getting trapped. This is to avoid virus or any newborn decomposers produced by it.


Get some bait stations

The bait station is a sealed packet that contains meat in that. These are available in paper, plastic or cellophane packaging. This allows a rat to enter easily into the packet. But once rat ate the meat piece, the mouse will die.

If you want to get rid of the mouse, you can contact a professional pest management company too for better results.  

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To learn more about rodent, click the link below for more information from your local council.



How to Get Rid of Mice Permanently?

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Response Pest Control | Brisbane | Termite Inspections | Termite Barriers | Pest Control | End of Lease | Natural Pest Control

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