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Controlling Ants

About Ants

Ants live in colonies consisting of:

·         An egg-laying female (Queen)

·         Short-lived males and workers (sterile female)

·         Foragers in gardens or kitchens (Workers)

Exclusive Response Pest Control Treatment  domestic the usage of our professional multi-dose bait in a powder form.

Ant control can be difficult, but there are some matters you should recognize about their behaviour that will help you maintain matters.:

Entry: Ants can enter thru even the tiniest cracks, in search of water and sweet or greasy food elements in the kitchen and pantry.

Pheromone trails: Ants leave an invisible chemical path which incorporates pheromones for others to comply with once they hit upon the meals source.

Nest locations: They can nest anywhere in and around your domestic or office; in lawns, walls, stumps, foundations, and even below concrete slabs.

Colony size: A colony can incorporate heaps of Ants and entire colonies can uproot and relocate rapidly when threatened.

Colony Lifetime: A colony can live a incredibly lengthy lifetime. Worker ants might also stay seven years and the queen might also live as lengthy as 15 years.

Do-it-yourself ineffectiveness: Most homemade ant manipulate methods solely kill the ants you see and are ineffective as a lengthy time period solution. 



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Ant Prevention Tips:


·         Clean up food and drink spills immediately.

·         Rinse out cans or bottles earlier than putting them into the recycling bin.

·         Keep food stored tight

·         Pick up pets meals at night and don’t feed them outdoors.

·         Seal cracks round doors and windows, and maintain gutters and downpipes clean.

Successful, long-term ant control requires extra than simply a surface spray. At Response Pest Control, we use the state-of-the-art chemicals & repellent, non-repellent liquid insecticide as well as insecticidal dusts, baits and granules. 


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