Controlling Wasps and their nests


Bees and wasps have a painful sting, producing histamine in the human physique which can be existence threatening in some cases. It is important to be cautious if you identify a bees or wasps in or round your domestic or business, as bees and wasps aren’t solely annoying and harmful to your family, they can additionally be quite detrimental to your home. Bees and Wasps frequently set up nests, hives or swarms in the cavities of the structures, this can require highly-priced repairs if left for long durations of time. two A bee hive is full of honey which can cause sizable injury to your home. A wasp nest in a cavity of your home can devour at the plaster, if you see bubbling in your walls or ceilings don’t poke at it, you may also get a nasty surprise. 

European Wasps

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European Wasps

European Wasps Response Pest Control


European Wasps are predominantly black on their front half with yellow markings and yellow on their back half with black stripes and black dots down every aspect of the abdomen. They can nest in a number cavities, partitions and ceilings, compost bins, bushes or in the ground. pest control affordable pest control pest control brisbane

European Bees


A dull shade of yellow or a golden brown shade with black stripes round their body and black legs. Bees regularly nest in timber or wall cavities, but can additionally nest in compost packing containers and cavities such as oldsuitcases. 


About Wasps

What to do if you have Bees or Wasps in or round your home

DO NOT TRY TO TREAT THIS YOURSELF, Our licensed, professional pest technicians use professional shielding tools to ensure they do not get stung. Many of our clients have called us from the clinic to treat the trouble as they bought stung trying to alleviate the trouble themselves. It’s no longer worth it.
Cautiously try to identify the the place the nest hive or swarm is. If you do come across the location remain properly clear and take away your pets from the area.
Keep food sources – specifically sugar and protein – internal and secure. Bees and wasps feed on and are attracted to sugar and protein based totally foods. This includes pet meals as well! 

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