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 Fleas are a common family pest mainly regularly occurring when you or neighbouring residences have pets. Flea bites to some people and pets can simply be an irritation, however for others the bites can purpose an allergic response and result in rashes.

A common indication of a flea infestation is if your pets are excessively scratching and grooming themselves. This is induced through the pain brought about as the person fleas feed on the pet’s blood. A thorough examination of the pet and its fur have to be conducted by the property owner or veterinarian. People additionally may additionally experience bites which leave behind itchy marks. 

Flea Bites

Flea Bites

Common Flea

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Response Pest Control Fleas

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 Fleas can additionally be a problem for house owners and tenants who moveinto a new home which has a pre-existing flea infestation.
Fleas are about 2-10mm in size relying on the species. Their our bodies are flat and except wings. They can leap outstanding distances. Fleas will emerge from the pupal stage at one of a kind temperature, humidity and vibration. The vibrations of a host walking previous regularly trigger the emergence of the person flea, enabling it to immediately find a host and begin feeding. After feeding on the host, the lady flea is prepared to mate and lay eggs. Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of any warm-blooded body. This is how they transfer diseases, as they can switch hosts between cats, dogs and humans. 

 What to do if you think you have fleas
Here’s a listing of things to do to assist us in controlling a flea infestation inside your home:
Vacuum carpets, furnishings, cracks in the floorboards and upholstered fixtures just prior to us arriving and carrying out the treatment, and if viabledo not vacuum for a duration of 7 days after our treatment.

Consult a vet and treat your pets as quickly as you can, preferably on the equal day as our treatment.
Get professional help. Contact Dawson’s Australia for a whole domestic flea inspection and treatment. Dawson’s technicians are skilled, experiencedexperts – they are state certified, completely licensed and insured applicators and are required to take part in normal training applications to keep their skillability as some of the satisfactory technicians in the industry. They understand the habits of different types of flea and can offer the most fabulous and high quality solution. All our treatments are secure for your household and pets!

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