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Red Back Spider

Red Back Spiders

 Female up to 14mm, Male up to 3mm.

This spider has a pea-shaped stomach with a attribute red or orange stripe. Red-Backs build webs in and around your home in the course of rubbish, round pot plants, out of doors furnishings and logs. 

Black House Spider

Funnel Web Spider

Female up to 18mm. Male up to 9mm.

A dark brown to grey/black robust spider with some physique markings. They construct webs in the cavities of your domestic or in darkish corners of windows, verandas, sheds or fences. 

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman Spider

 Female up to 45mm.

The Huntsman is generally gray to brown with massive long legs. They are regularly located around homes and gardens in search of prey. 

White Tail Spider

Funnel Web Spider

  Female to 20mm, Male to 12mm.
A dull, darkish grey with a attribute white spot on the top of the abdomen. Usually encountered inside homes sheltering from the weather or brought on apparel delivered in from the garments line. Bites are very frequent due to the habits of this spider. pest control pest control services cheap pest control

Wolf Spider

Wold Spider

 Females up to 35mm. Males up to 20mm.

Wolf spiders have a mottled gray and brown body, and harbour below leaf litter in the garden or burrows in the ground around the home. 

Orb-weaving Spider:

Orb Weaver Spiders

Female up to 30mm. Male up to 20mm.

A reddish brown to grey spider with a leaf shaped pattern on their abdomen. They build suspended, sticky, wheeled shaped orb webs between timber and shrubs where bugs are in all likelihood to fly. 


Keeping your family safe!

 What to do if you have spiders
It is good practise not to leave garments on the floor, or to shake them completely before putting them on. Other ways to avoid unpleasant surprises are to check your bedding earlier than going to bed, vacuum regularly, do away with major webs, fill in gaps in partitions and under doorways to stopentry and reduce harborage areas round the domestic with the aid ofrelocating firewood away from the home. 

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