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Target Approach

We understand that pests are a major problem in your household, therefore we have put together a 5 stage approach on how we can manage your pest in your home with the least chemical method as much as possible. Non chemical methods are also encouraged as we consider chemical options to be the last resort when it comes to pest control management. In some cases if it’s an end of lease it is advised and obligation to arrange a pest control sub-contractor to come out as its part of the RTA agreement to get this done. We have developed a professional track record with the services we offer and we continue to keep it this way.

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Why choose us?


Many real-estate landlords continue to choose Response Pest Control as we have a much more diverse approach with working with pests, with our continued professional training internally we continue to bolster a professional approach to the services that we offer, if you are looking for pest control service operator who offers a different way on how tackle your problem, then we suggest giving us a call and asking for free quote on how you can remove your pest in your property. We know how stressful it can be as we are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Protecting your property.


Because our pest management plans are affordable for your home, if its rodent control, cockroach control, silverfish, beetles or even something as nuisance as the German Cockroach we can handle any job, we have continued to services local suberbs throughout Brisbane wide, From Loganlea to north Brisbane. We also offer other services as well such as carpet cleaning, this is to ensure fleas are gone to prevent them from coming back again. Response Pest Control is only one phone call away to handle your pest control needs, give us a call today so we can handle your problem right away.


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