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Termites are a major problem in Queensland understanding the biology of the species is important to controlling the population. Controlling termites in your house is important to the Gevity of your property, many people don’t know they have termites until they realise that their house is slowly falling apart, but termites can eat 6kilos a day of timber this is a lot, a house can be destroyed within 3 months, dealing hundreds and thousands of dollars of damage. One of the things you will need to consider is an annual inspection to ensure your property is certified with our Professional Termite Inspection Certificate.

Termite Barriers

Keeping your home safe is important, most houses today are built with termite barriers to help prevent termites from entering the property to access raw wood, but having a professional to install a termite barrier is also an option to help prevent nasty termites from entering your property. As mentioned earlier Termite Inspections yearly are important to analysing property state to ensure that barriers are not breached for a potential opportunity for termites to damage your property. Its important to realise that termites are not just an average insect there destructible creatures that can destroy your home in such little home.

Termite Damage
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Controlling Termites

Whatever your budget is for your property there are options to ensure your property is safe, one option is using bait traps these attractants attract termites, once bait traps are eaten the residual termites then the domino effect kicks in as they feed each other this will soon be brought back to the mother nest and terminate the nest. Another simple option is to go with a termite barrier these will prevent the termites from entering the property but the problem is also that these termite barriers can be breached depending on how the environmental factors example increase soil deposits and fence line touching the property, these can be issues for your Termite Control.


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