Understanding the ecology of termites


Life Cycle

Termite Pest Control

Worker Termites

Worker Termites maintain the nests with feeding on timber worker Termites can feed up to 6 kilograms a day, food is regurgitated and fed to the workers, soldiers and queen. An easy way to identify worker termites to Alates or soldiers is to identify the small mandibles that compared to the much larger mandibles to soldiers. There is also a much more abundance of worker termites then soldiers as they can be seen in the ratio to 1:10 depending on the size of the colony and how young the colony is. Termites are very destructive species if you see termites near your property do not hesitate to give us a call as your property could potentially be at risk.  

Soldier Termites

Soldier Termites are identified by the large mandibles, if threated many termite species have different defence mechanisms on how they protect themselves example nasutitermes with secreting sticky substance which in some cases harden immobilizing the threat from causing damage to the nest or termites. Soldier Termites most threated nemesis are the ants, there have been cases where ants have taken over termites mounds in 3-4 hours, but termites have developed these defence mechanism to protect themselves from these  species. Soldier termites can often be spotted in small soldier tubes which are developed by worker termites, soldier termites do not have the ability to build nests due to their large mandibles.

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Alate Termites

Alates or winged reproductives

are ordinarily observed when they swarm on a sweltering damp summer evening around nightfall, frequently in their thousands from a substantial develop province settle. Not at all like the other standing, they have eyes however are , are poor fliers. The drift and are cleared along by winning breezes.

The swarmers when they arrive, they drop their wings, and utilize a pheromone compound flag draw in a mate to fire up another state of termites.


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