How to get rid of Mosquitos

Let’s face it, enjoying a lovely day when you’re faced with a horde of mosquitos vying for your attention is challenging. No matter how many sprays, lotions, or tech gadgets you use, it never truly keeps them at bay. At some point, you get bit and spend the next day scratching at the bug bite, wondering if you should’ve stayed indoors.

Why mosquitos are at best a nuisance, they can transmit diseases like dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and more. One of the best things to do is hire a reputable pest control agent in Queensland, Australia. They’ll help you manage these pests so you can enjoy the day and evening in peace without worrying about a trip to the pharmacy to buy anti-itch cream.

Integrated Pest Management

One of the ways we work to keep you and your family safe from mosquito infestation is through mosquito management. With this, we intervene within the insect’s life cycle to prevent them from biting or infecting you. Because this integrated method is essential, we can help prevent, reduce, and even eliminate infestations and conditions that allow mosquitos to mature into the annoyance you’re familiar with. This involves the following:

  • Remove the mosquito habitat: Mosquitos have two stages in their lives, and the most essential one is standing water. These areas around your home can be a bucket, toys, or even your rain gutters and are perfect for a mosquito to lay its eggs. It’s best to empty areas of standing water weekly and keep your swimming pool adequately treated.
  • Use structural barriers if needed: Mosquitos outside are undesirable, but inside your home, they become a bigger nuisance. Installing screens on your doors and window will help cover gaps in your house that will allow them to enter uninvited. Covering any beds or baby carriers with netting is another option.
  • Control of the larvae stage of a mosquito’s development: This stage usually involves the larvae stage of a mosquito’s development. These insects lay their eggs in water containing dead leaves or algae. This is especially true in shaded areas. It’s best to control these areas as it’s also the easiest and least expensive. However, this management isn’t foolproof.
  • Active control of mosquitoes in adulthood: Once they reach adulthood, controlling mosquitos is more challenging. You can use helpful spray pesticides, but an infestation will need a broader range of coverage than your spray can cover. Some pesticides or adulticides are pretty effective, like Naled, which covers a large area and results in a 100% drop rate for mosquitos.

While you can still use store-bought products to help rid yourself of minor mosquito problems or at least keep them away during a hike, larger infestations require professional help. If you find that the traditional on-the-shelf products aren’t working or not enough, then calling a reputable pest control company is the wisest answer. They’ll inspect your home and property to help you formulate a plan to protect you and your family from these unwanted pests.

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