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Protect your home or business with Response Pest's expert pest control solutions. Trust us to keep your property safe and pest-free.

Common Pest Problems We handle

We tackle a variety of pests that cause discomfort and damage. Discover how Response Pest keeps your home or business pest-free.

  • Army Worms

    Soil pests damaging plants and devouring crops.

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  • Spiders

    Unwanted guests that can bite and cause anxiety.

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  • Fire Ants

    Aggressive ants with painful stings and property risks.

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  • Bees & Wasps

    Vital pollinators but can pose stinging threats.

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  • Ants

    Persistent invaders causing nuisance and property damage.

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  • Bed Bugs

    Small pests causing itchy bites and infestations in beds.

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  • Mosquitos

    Annoying insects known for bites and disease transmission.

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  • Fleas

    Tiny pests causing itchy bites and potential disease risks.

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  • Rodents

    Common invaders damaging property and spreading diseases.

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  • Cockroaches

    Resilient pests spreading germs and allergens.

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Our Pest Control Services

Specialised solutions for commercial & residential properties. Trust Response Pest to keep your property safe and pest-free.

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Effective & realiable pest control

With Response Pest Control, you can trust that your pest problems will be solved. Here's why:
  • Proven success with an average 4.9-star rating in Queensland over 10 years.
  • Professional, licensed, and insured technicians with regular training for quality service.
  • Rapid response times for fast and efficient pest control service.
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Arrive on time, Professional! I would like to Recommend Response Pest Control, for the quality service the technician had provided at our property. We definitely will be using them again!

I had a young man called Rod carry out my pest control, he was very pleasant and did a good job. I can highly recommend “Response “ Pest Control. Judy Gleeson ????

My goodness, what a professional service. Truly embodies exactly how a company should treat customers. Exceeded all expectations and addressed all our concerns clearly and efficiently. Highly, highly recommend and will be telling all my friends about Aqueel and his amazing team. Thank you Response Pest Control!!!

Rodney is very professional, reliable, friendly and punctual! The service he provides is extremely effective !!! We had so many ants around the house, and due his amazing service they are all gone!!! We never found a single pest inside our house... not alive anyway! I couldn't recommend Response Pest Control enough! Thank you Rodney!!! You are a legend!!!

I would definitely recommend Response Pest Control and will be calling them again in the future! Rod came around promptly and assessed our rodent problem in the ceiling. He gave us a treatment for the rodents and also gave us some good advice for the future. Thank you!

The name doesn't lie, very responsive. Arrived on time and quality job done. Great product knowledge and informative. Have not had rodents and cockroaches for the past 3 months!

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