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Response Pest Control is a leading pest and termite control company providing both residential and commercial services in Nudgee Beach, 4014. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to ensure we're able to assure complete satisfaction! Get in touch today for a free quote.

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Response is a leader in specialised pest control solutions for commercial & residential properties. Trust Response Pest to keep your property safe and pest-free.

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what Our Nudgee Beach Clients have to say

Hear from satisfied customers about their experiences with Response Pest.

My goodness, what a professional service. Truly embodies exactly how a company should treat customers. Exceeded all expectations and addressed all our concerns clearly and efficiently. Highly, highly recommend and will be telling all my friends about Aqueel and his amazing team. Thank you Response Pest Control!!!

Such an amazing company very professional and yet totally down to earth at the same time, completely honest and reliable service which is so hard to find these days! So glad I went with them not a single regret and worth every dollar. Very understanding and flexible with your schedule/ financial situation hard working and they aim to make your treatment stress free and up to the highest standard. 5 stars all the way!

I had a young man called Rod carry out my pest control, he was very pleasant and did a good job. I can highly recommend “Response “ Pest Control. Judy Gleeson ????

The name doesn't lie, very responsive. Arrived on time and quality job done. Great product knowledge and informative. Have not had rodents and cockroaches for the past 3 months!

Fantastic service, great prices, super friendly, and incredibly efficient. Can't recommend it highly enough, will definitely be using Response Pest Control again!

We recently used this pest control company for pest control in our home, He was very responsible and professional. Definitely, I'll call them again.

Common Pest Problems We handle in Nudgee Beach

We tackle a variety of pests that cause discomfort and damage. Discover how Response Pest keeps your home or business in Nudgee Beach pest-free.

  • Army Worms

    Soil pests damaging plants and devouring crops.

    Learn more
  • Spiders

    Unwanted guests that can bite and cause anxiety.

    Learn more
  • Fire Ants

    Aggressive ants with painful stings and property risks.

    Learn more
  • Bees & Wasps

    Vital pollinators but can pose stinging threats.

    Learn more
  • Ants

    Persistent invaders causing nuisance and property damage.

    Learn more
  • Bed Bugs

    Small pests causing itchy bites and infestations in beds.

    Learn more
  • Mosquitos

    Annoying insects known for bites and disease transmission.

    Learn more
  • Fleas

    Tiny pests causing itchy bites and potential disease risks.

    Learn more
  • Rodents

    Common invaders damaging property and spreading diseases.

    Learn more
  • Cockroaches

    Resilient pests spreading germs and allergens.

    Learn more

Our Pest Control Services

Specialised solutions for commercial & residential properties. Trust Response Pest to keep your property safe and pest-free.

You asked, We Answered

Some of your most frequently asked questions about our pest control services in Nudgee Beach, 4014

  • What do you do if it's raining?

    Our pest exterminators will make a decision on the spot whether we can effectively carry out pest management or not. If it is raining, we’ll advise you and reschedule your treatment for a better day.

  • How often should i get a Response Pest Control technician to treat my home?

    For general pest control services, we recommend treatment at least once a year for optimal protection and safety for your property.

  • Do i need to move furniture or empty my cupboards?

    No, our pest treatment equipment and knowledge allow us to safely and effectively work around everything in your home or business. In sensitive areas such as kitchen cupboards, we use a discreet gel to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Do you provide warranty on your services?

    Yes! All of our services come with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee. Your safety and satisfaction are our number one concern at Response. If at any time you notice pest activity after our visit – contact us immediately and we’ll organise re-treatment.

  • Are your chemicals safe for homes with pets?

    Yes! Our technicians conduct a site assessment prior to treatment to understand the environment, wildlife, and dangers to household pests. We will always share with you all risks, as well as advise you appropriately going forward.

  • Can my children be around your chemicals?

    Yes, our local exterminators employ pest control chemicals that are low in toxicity to humans and are sprayed in a method that minimises overspray. For food safety, we utilise a gel rather than a spray in kitchen cabinets. We only utilse substances that have been created by us or our trusted partners.

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