Why Cockroach Control?

There’s nothing less exciting than making dinner for your family when a cockroach scurries across the kitchen floor. Though this may cause a shriek from some, it often signifies a more significant problem in your home. For starters, cockroaches spread disease and can damage your home. One egg-carrying female cockroach can bring one egg into a full-blown cockroach infestation. If you live in the Queensland, Australia area, there are some methods to rid yourself of these pests.

Call a Professional in Pest Control

Your local store may sell some traps or sprays to help you deal with the problem, but they are far from 100% effective in controlling a cockroach infestation. A profession will use industry-standard gel-bait insecticides to help control and eliminate the problem.

A pest control professional will leave tiny beads of gel where cockroaches are expected to live, feed, or even travel. However, you must follow the preparation needed beforehand so the professional can complete their service. Doing so will help prevent any recurring infestation on your property. Here are some ten steps you can take to make the process go smoother:

1: Clean your home before the pest control agent’s visit. Maintaining this cleanliness after the visit will help increase the success of the initial visit.

2: When you store food, adequately cover the items and remove any foodstuff from your kitchen appliances and countertops.

3: Store baby toys, changing tables, and other baby supplies with a proper cover.

4: Rub your kitchen with a good detergent and vacuum your carpets well. This includes any noticeable signs of cockroaches. Empty your vacuum outside in the trash with a sealable container.

5: Take your trash out every night and kept in a tight container.

6: Before the service call, remove all small appliances and items from your stove, countertops, and refrigerator that you can’t store. Clean behind and beneath them.

7: Ensure the pest control agent has free access to all the places a cockroach has been seen or where the agent specifies.

8: Discard all excess paper products and trash, as these will be a haven for cockroaches, not to mention other pests.

9: Ensure that all water leaks are repaired.

10: After the pest control agent leaves, keep your home or apartment up to a high level of cleanliness and sanitation. This allows the products the agent used to work correctly and swiftly. Keep everyone and your pets away from the gel, and don’t touch it.

While a cockroach infestation is disturbing, there are ways to clear your home of these insects. A pest control specialist will be your best bet in removing these creatures from your home, so you and your family remain safe and secure. If you use an over-the-counter pesticide, read and follow the instructions to keep your family safe. Remember that this won’t happen overnight, but following these steps and working with your chosen pest control service will increase the chances of success in ridding your home of cockroaches.

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